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Employment Opportunities


Employees are Assets

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Success is accomplished by  providing the our clients with the services they need to.  At Aptech, our product is the highest quality, most qualified  people we can find.


At APTECH, we believe that our employees are our most important asset.  They are the faces that our clients see every day.  They are the hands that get the job done.  Our employees are what keep us in business. 

We believe that one of the most important benchmarks of a successful service and support business is employee retention.  Happy, satisfied employees stick around.  As a result, clients experience stability of workforce, and little disruption of workflow.


 APTECH  hires and places the most well rounded and highly qualified people we can find.  Whenever possible, it is our practice to allow our existing employees to cross train in existing positions, and then offer them first choice when a position opens up.


We believe that it is important to know our employees.  Our corporate management regularly meets one-on-one with each of our employees, giving them an opportunity to know us face to face.  We encourage candid and open feedback on their jobs, and we value their input. Through them, we are able to know what is working and what is not.


Although employees are an asset, we understand that they are not a commodity.  Aptech staff are people first, with families, friends, and outside activities.  They are unique individuals, with their own unique needs.  We attempt to meet those needs through a  generous package of benefits, including flexible vacation and sick leave policies, medical and dental benefits and a host of other benefits.  In addition, we will cover the cost of approved, work related training.


The result -  APTECH has a very low turnover rater, which is a witness to our success in maintaining a satisfied workforce.  A stable employee base for APTECH means a stable workforce for our clients, providing them with a consistent staff that they can count on.

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