Partnering & Teaming


The Benefits of Joining Forces

Aptech  would like to hear from you if you are interested in working together to provide contract support staffing services. It is advantageous for businesses to work together to fulfill contracting requirements.  


Small Business Teaming

Teaming allows small businesses, which would otherwise be unable to compete for various reasons, to be competitive on larger contracts.  It is not unusual for even small business set asides to be bigger or more complex than a single small business can handle.  Teaming brings together small businesses with the unique attributes to form a complete, competitive unit.


Small Business Subcontracts and partnerships

Large business may be also benefit from business relationships with small businesses.  Small businesses may be able to provide specific skill sets or resources that a larger business lack.  Subcontracts with small businesses may also satisfy federal contracting requirements.  There are times when a relationship with a small business can be the difference between winning  or loosing a contract.


Mentor Protege Agreements

The SBA Mentor Protege program allows larger business to come alongside and assist small businesses to grow and become a large business.

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